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Santa for President

With the 2016 election a mere 11 months away, it's time to get serious about who your candidate's going to be. And while it's all fair and good to like Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton or Marco Rubio, The A.V. Club asks that you consider someone a little more jolly: Santa Claus. Giver of presents and bringer of joy, Santa might be fictional, but he's still probably more qualified to be president than Ben Carson. He's an expert in global politics and is firm but tough when both countries and world leaders are naughty. Plus, he's got insane time management skills, has led thousands of elves, and has (hopefully) never even considered cheating on Mrs. Claus. With all that in mind, we bring you this year's holiday gift guide, in which Santa—your next president—seeks to appease multiple voting blocs with box sets, electric guitars, and some well-placedStar Wars pandering.

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